17. juli 2024

Oliegigant beholder hjælpepakke på 100 millioner efter kanonoverskud

The JS Ineon Insight ship carrying the first shipment of shale gas from the United States arrives to dock at Grangemouth in Scotland on September 27, 2016. The carrier, transporting 27, 500 cubic metres of ethane, was given a traditional Scottish welcome, passing under the Forth’s iconic 19th century steel rail bridge as a lone bagpiper played from the ship. A £2 billion (2.3 billion euros, $2.6 billion) investment by Ineos, the world’s third largest chemical company, will create a “virtual pipeline” with eight tankers transporting regular shipments across the Atlantic to Britain and Norway. Andy Buchanan / AFP

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Olie­gi­gant behol­der hjæl­pe­pak­ke på 100 mil­li­o­ner efter kanonoverskud