17. juli 2024

Dronningen er død – egentlig burde man måske ikke tale ilde om de døde – men var hun nu også så en god person??

Dronning Elisabeth døde igår – vores dronning Margrethes gode veninde.

Men var hun nu så god?

Hvorfor havde hun forbindelser med den – desværre*1 også afdøde (efter sigende selvmord i cellen (artikel om dette kommer senere)??) – Epstein?? Og hvad med prins Andrew – der både er anklaget for pædofili og andre sex domme?? Lå det mon til familien?

* 1 – desværre fordi, så kan han ikke længere udtale sig…

Se Nicholas Veniamin / NV.tv’s dokumentar om bl.a det engelske kongehus, Epstein, Maxwell og alle de andre sextraffikerende pædofile her – og/men vær parat til at blive en smule rystet i din grundvold!

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Og hvad skete der med dette barn, som forsøgte at flygte fra Buckingham Palace??

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Dronningens træhytte i Balmoral …..

So who could have taken them THERE? Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein lounge in Queen’s log cabin at Balmoral in stunning picture revealed in US sex trial.


Kamloops and Mission Indian residential schools

The Queen of England And The Children Who ‘Disappeared’

Kig lidt på Elizabeth og Phillips tur til Canada i 1964, hvor de tog 16 børnehjemsbørn med på ‘picnic’ og kun 6 deraf vendte tilbage…


Feb 1, 2016 – Over 50,000 Native Children Were Tortured, Sexually Abused and Some Murdered at Canadian Church Run Indian Residential Schools, by Damon Corrie


More info about the school :



Dronnings mand, den nu afdøde Prins Philip, var heller ikke jordens bedste menneske, og han ringagtede åbenbart sine undersåtter.

Han har således udtalt følgende:

Prince Philip, in his Foreword to If I Were an Animal – United Kingdom, Robin Clark Ltd., 1986

I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger of extinction.

What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist… I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus.

Press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on the occasion of the “Caring for Creation” conference of the North American Conference on Religion and Ecology, May 18, 1990.

It is now apparent that the ecological pragmatism of the so-called pagan religions, such as that of the American Indians, the Polynesians, and the Australian Aborigines, was a great deal more realistic in terms of conservation ethics than the more intellectual monotheistic philosophies of the revealed religions.

Address on Receiving Honorary Degree from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, July 1, 1983.

For example, the World Health Organization Project, designed to eradicate malaria from Sri Lanka in the postwar years, achieved its purpose.

But the problem today is that Sri Lanka must feed three times as many mouths, find three times as many jobs, provide three times the housing, energy, schools, hospitals and land for settlement in order to maintain the same standards.

Little wonder the natural environment and wildlife in Sri Lanka has suffered. The fact [is] … that the best-intentioned aid programs are at least partially responsible for the problems.

Preface to Down to Earth by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 1988, p.|8.

I don’t claim to have any special interest in natural history, but as a boy I was made aware of the annual fluctuations in the number of game animals and the need to adjust the “cull” to the size of the surplus population.

Lecture to the European Council of International Schools. Montreaux, Switzerland, Nov. 14, 1986.

The great difficulty about “life” is that we humans are part of it, and it is therefore almost impossible to study objectively… It therefore tends to be anthropocentric and gives scant attention to the welfare of all the other life-forms which share this planet with us.

…When the Bible says that man shall have “dominion” over God’s creation, the choice is between understanding dominion as in “having power over,” or dominion as “having responsibility for.”

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Vanishing Breeds Worry Prince Philip, but Not as Much as Overpopulation :