19. juni 2024

Warning: Gates-Funded Factory Breeds 30 Million Mosquitoes a Week for Release in 11 Countries

From the article :

“Inside a two-story brick building in Medellín, Colombia, scientists work in muggy labs breeding 30 million genetically modified mosquitoes weekly in labs……. The mosquitoes grown in this factory carry the Wolbachia bacterium…….”

The mosquitoes are released in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Australia, Fiji, Kiribati, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu – eleven countries total.

Gates plans to breed hundreds of millions of Wolbachia mosquitoes. Did Gates and his researchers consider all the variables that are likely to occur with a program where a new vector of spreading a bacteria by an insect that bites humans and other animals and, in the process, injects that bacteria into them?

Where is the one, two, five, and ten-year report on the safety of such a program from a controlled environment?

What could possibly go wrong?

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DARPA Is Making Insects That Can Deliver Bioweapons, Scientists Claim

The Insect Allies program was announced by DARPA in 2016. It is a research project that aims to protect the U.S. agricultural food supply by delivering protective genes to plants via insects, which are responsible for the transmission of most plant viruses.

In an editorial published in the journal Science, a group of researchers led by Richard Guy Reeves, from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Germany, says Insect Allies isn’t exactly what it says it is. Instead, they claim DARPA is potentially developing insects as a means of delivering a “new class of biological weapon.

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Lidt underligt er disse myg med skrift på ryggen blevet fundet – hvad er det og hvad er formålet???

Vi ved jo, at fordi Bill Gates har udsat over 100 mil indsigter / myg det er nanoteknologi. Og er ikke rigtig et indsigt fra naturen. Men de er lavet på laboratorium. Og spreder forskellige ubehagelige ting. Så som corona og andre biologiske sygdomme.