19. juni 2024

Den største korruptions skandale nogensinde ruller ud lige foran øjnene på os, som bl.a omhandler Ursula Von Der Leyen, EU, Pfizer, Bill Gates – og de danske medier er tavse som graven!

Pfizer har indrømmet, at deres “vacciner” ikke var testet for om de kunne modvirke smitte eller sygdom – dette er nu slået fast med syvtommersøm!

Denne indrømmelse betyder flere ting, bl.a at de solgte deres injektioner på falsk grundlag, at alle lockdowns var ulovlige, ligesom vaccine tvangen, de obligatoriske masker, afstandsholden osv.

Udpluk fra pressekonferencen :

… “I recently found out that an international company named Orgenesis, an American biotechnological company, which has played a leading role in the creation of gentherapy vaccines MRNA, once mainly produced by Pfizer and Moderna.

In this company, the husband of the president of the European Commission, Ursula von the Leyen, Haiku von the Leyen, operates in a managerial role. Orgenesis carves out a leading role in a project leaded by the Italian University of Padua, where the new research centre for the development of gene therapy and drugs, with other name, Technology, has won 320 million euros of Italian recovery fonds for research and innovation. Orgenesis has placed its own medical director on the supervisory board of the Paduan Foundation. That is just Haiku von the Leyen the husband of the president of the European Commission, the whole project seems just to be taylor made to finance the research work of the multinational farmaceutical companies that during the Covid 19 pandemic earned about $1,000 per second by the say of RNA vaccines.

In fact, among the participants, we find many big names in the pharmaceutical sector. As Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Biotech, Zenofi and more – And in Greece too. The same company were von der Leyens husband has a directive role has obtained two years ago, large sums by public funds to finance its research on Mrna treatments. I think that after this loop of scandals that are coming to light, starting with the revelation in covid committee by Pfizer representative about the common system of records negotiations between multinationals and the EU commission in blatant and repeated violation of European rules and transparency to the never declare the conflict of interests of president von Der Leyen whose husband sits in the board of a company that has enormously benefit from the European regulations proposed by the commission She presides over.

And with the inclusion of the president’s husband in the board that manages the foundation created at Hawk to intercept large sums from European recovery fonds, I think that it’s time that you citizens have the right to know the truth.”

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