20. juni 2024

Polio Wasn’t Vanquished, It Was Redefined

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Perhaps the most egregious example of clever sleight of hand (… not to mention the outright, blatant rewriting of history) on the part of public health officials in the United States occurred in 1954 when the U.S. government changed the diagnostic criteria for polio.

It was the year that medical researcher and virologist Jonas Salk produced his inactivated injectable polio vaccine (IPV). The vaccine was licensed in 1955 and began to be used to inoculate millions of children against polio.

The Salk vaccine has been widely hailed as the vanquisher of polio, and it is commonly used as the shining example of how vaccines are the miracle drugs for combating infectious diseases… and now even against diseases that are not infectious. Pick any disease, illness or disorder you want. You got cancer, cholera, peanut allergies, stress, obesity… we’ll develop a vaccine for it.

What the apologists for the Salk vaccine regurgitate from a common script (… some might say scripture) is that before the vaccine was introduced and tested on one million children—the so-called “Polio Pioneers”—in 1954 more than 50,000 people in the U.S. were contracting polio each year, and that by the end of the 1950s the numbers were down to less than 10,000.

Ergo, the Salk vaccine saved the U.S. from polio. Open and shut case.

Hmm, not so fast…

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External writer :

For more information about the polio vaccine, I recommend people to read “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” by Edward T. Haslam, from TrineDay.com (the publisher).

His father was a well known MD who was an associate of the researcher Dr. Mary Sherman, and he is a lay person who ended up doing much research on his own. It’s also his opinion that the polio vaccines were not only ineffective but 2 medical researchers at the time warned that they were contaminated with cancer causing monkey viruses, which was borne out in horrifying “experiments” and data he followed up on.

He has an informed opinion about the origins of the polio epidemic, the cancer epidemic, and the AIDS epidemic, and much to say about top secret government coverups around the polio vaccine.

I think everyone should have this information.

I almost did not buy “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” because of the sub-title linking several of the characters and the assassination of JFK.

However, I am grateful that I did because I could not put it down. The author, while there is some conjecturing, does supply valid references to show how the Simian 40 virus, originally found in polio vaccines, does, in fact, cause several forms of cancer – which begs the question, “Is the ever increasing cancer deaths due to the polio vaccines we got when we were children?

Personally, I’ve no doubt. He does show how a few doctors realized this in the 1960’s and began trying to develop another vaccine to offset the Simian 40 virus – this is where Dr. Mary comes into the picture as the others, including Lee Harvey Oswald.

Yep, that’s right.

For those interested in the so-called HIV virus, I recommend the March 19, 1992 Rolling Stone article, “The Origin of AIDS” by T. Curtis.

It will send chills down your spine as did Dr. Mary’s Monkey for me.

Rolling Stone, Issue 626

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The article just barely scratches the surface. How about how they took polio and broke it down into several diseases, dramatically reducing the amount of “polio diagnosis”.

Meningitis which used to be called polio now had it’s own name……Meningitis.

This was a big case of smoke and mirrors to make an un-effective vaccine look effective.

I believe polio was split into 3 different diseases IIRC.

So – the definition of polio was changed once the vaccine was introduced. Previously any viral gut infection with partial paralysis was called polio, after the vaccine came, you had the definition of polio changed to permanent paralysis with a stool or antibody test for three specific types of some arbitrary virus. Its no wonder that as soon as this definition was changed the incidence of polio declined by 95%. Coupled with improvements in sanitation I am not surprised that these three arbitrary viruses are not being detected in most places.

People should know that at the height of the polio epidemic in the 1950s, Dr. Fred R. Klenner had cured 60 cases of polio using massive dosages of Vitamin C.

It was administered either intra-muscularly, intra-veniosly, or, orally, depending on the situation.

He published his work but it was/is ignored by the medical establishment.

No need for a polio vaccine, or any other vaccine, if using vitamin C. Vitamin C is cheaper, safer, more effective, and can be self administered orally and intra-muscularly. Unfortunately for the drug companies, Vitamin C cannot be patented and thus they (drug companies) cannot make any money off it.

Not only did Dr. Frederick Klenner cure cancer he showed how it destroyed the virus. Others did the same as he and published their results in the medical journals of the time. There are several studies written showing how Measles was treated with Vitamin A, an sometimes with the addition of D.

Could it be these so-called childhood diseases are actually nutrient deficiencies? What the media NEVER says is how so many of the third-world diseases are related to malnutrition and very poor hygienic living conditions.

Nano-particle silver has shown it’s capacity to kill all micro-organisms effectively without damage to the host. Silver has been used for centuries.

Read more here – Guide to the Use of Vitamin C – Frederick Klenner Md:


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To be continued…